Could I foster?

We are looking for all types of people! For instance, whether you and your partner work; you already have children of your own; you are in a same-sex relationship; or are a single person, we want to hear from you!

We want to hear from everyone who believes they can provide a stable, nurturing home for a local child in need. Your desire and ability to care are much more important than the size of your home or whether or not you drive, for example.

Personal qualities are the most important thing. We, and the children we care for, believe that our foster carers need to be:

· Patient and understanding
· Caring and kind
· Resilient and able to speak up for the child
· Fun, with a strong sense of humour!

How is fostering different to adoption?

Adoption is a legal process which transfers the responsibilities and duties of a birth parent to an adoptive parent. For many different reasons, some children cannot live with their birth parents or families. Adoption enables children to have a stable, secure upbringing as a full and legal member of a new family. Fostering is usually a temporary arrangement where the legal responsibilities remain with the birth parent or guardian.

If you are interested in adoption please visit our adoption site

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