True and false

You can be single, living with a partner, married or divorced

We encourage applications from people in all relationship situations. Some children would be best suited to being in a smaller family, perhaps with just one carer, where they can be the carer's sole focus, whereas we know others would thrive in a busy household. We always need to be able to draw on a range of carers to look after children with different needs.

You can be gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender

We aim to encourage applications from a diverse range of people.

You can be working, be unemployed or retired

We aim to recruit foster carers who will raise the aspirations of the children in their care, by helping them to achieve their maximum potential. We encourage applications from everyone who believes they may be able to do so.

You can live in a home you own, rent privately or rent from a Housing Association

We just need to see that your home will provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment for a child.

You can have pets at home

Pets are the one thing that our looked after children say that they would like the most in a foster home! And we know the real benefits that having a pet in the home can bring. We'll just need to meet them to check that they are safe to be around children.

You can still foster if you have minor health issues

Your health and wellbeing is assessed on an individual basis.There is nothing that will automatically rule you out of becoming a foster carer. For example, if you have a bad back, you may just be advised to foster older children or teenagers, as opposed to babies and toddlers who require lots of lifting and carrying.