Tracey (38), a single parent from Rainhill, wanted to help a local child


"I had seen a lot of advertisements for foster carers over the years and had always been interested; I had a passion for childcare from my previous training as a nursery nurse. So when my son, Adam, started school, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to enquire.

As a single parent, I wasn't sure if I'd be considered, but I was reassured that this wouldn't be a problem. I was told that, in fact, some children need and thrive in a quieter household where they have more one-to-one attention.

I thought fostering would give me the perfect balance of career and home life, which it does! I was concerned about how fostering would impact on Adam, but it has been such a positive experience for him. He has learnt how to share, be more tolerant and to understand how fortunate he is. He also now has someone to play with, which in itself has a very positive impact on an only child. I've been fostering for two years now and will never look back!"