Short Break Foster Care

Could you offer a Short Break to a disabled child in St Helens

Short Breaks provide opportunities for disabled children and young people to temporarily spend some time away from their parents or primary carers. They include day, evening, overnight or weekend activities and provide an essential opportunity for parents and carers to have a break and allow disabled children and young people to broaden their experiences of places, people and activities.

Being a Short Break carer is a really rewarding and enjoyable role that you could choose to do either; on a regular basis, over some weekends or just during the school holidays.

Short Break carers don't need to have any specialist qualifications, or knowledge or experience of a disability and can come from a wide range of ages and backgrounds with the desire to help a disabled child realise their potential.

The children and young people who are awaiting a Short Break may have long lasting or permanent disabilities. These may be learning or physical, sensory or developmental or a diagnosed medical condition.

Short Breaks Carers receive all of the necessary equipment, as well as specialist training, intensive, ongoing guidance and financial support.

How do I become a Short Breaks carer?

Although the disabled children and young people who require Short Breaks remain in the care of their parents or primary carer, as part of our obligations to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of the children and young people, to become a Short Breaks carer you will need to become an approved foster carer with St.Helens Council.

This will ensure that you are fully supported and provided with all the necessary training and equipment that you will require. Once you are approved we will work closely with you to match you to a child that suits you, your family, your skills and experience.

Find out more or apply now

If you have a genuine interest in children, energy, enthusiasm and are willing to invest some of your time in the development of a disabled child or young person we would love to hear from you.

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