Alfie (8)

Alfie, aged 6

"I'm not really sure why I can't live with my Mummy and Daddy, but our house was always messy and mum used to fall asleep a lot and forget to take me to school. I used to eat a lot of crisps and chocolate biscuits, even for breakfast. Sometimes I was left on my own during the day and there would be a lot of strange people in our house at night. I think it was my social worker, Jane, who decided it would be best for me to live with Lisa. I eat a lot healthier now and go to school every day, but not on weekends! I still get to see my Mummy and Daddy sometimes too."

Alfie is a kind and caring little boy. He is lovely and inquisitive and asks so many questions as he loves to learn about everything! Alfie thrives on praise and needs lots of encouragement. He used to struggle with friendships as he had very low self esteem but has began to make new friends and has grown in confidence since starting beavers, which he really enjoys. Alfie needs caring foster carers who are able to spend lots of quality time with him and help to build his confidence.