Jack and Amelia

Jack adores his little sister Amelia and hopes they can carry on living together. Sometimes there are not enough foster carers who are able to care for brothers and sisters together.

Jack and Amelia have been in a short term foster placement and now require long term carers.

Jack is seven years old. He loves football and playing outside. He loves nothing more than a trip to the park! Jack is a playful and active little boy who needs carers who have lots of energy and can take him out at weekends and do activities with him. Jack missed a lot of school when he lived at home with his Mum and therefore he needs extra help at school. He is making very good progress and needs carers who are able to support his education at home and give him plenty of praise and encouragement. 

Amelia is six years old. Amelia also loves the outdoors and loves to play on her scooter. She likes her baby dolls and  dressing up as a princess. Amelia and Jack have a strong bond and enjoy playing together. Amelia is quite shy and when she came into foster care, she struggled with her speech. Amelia has also made lots of progress, she needs carers who are able to offer her lots of time, patience and encouragement. 

If you are able to offer a home to children like Jack and Amelia please get in touch with our friendly team.